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Welcome to Accelerated Servers!

This is an interim web site - we are actively developing a new site to integrate with our upcoming Trellis data analytics platform and to support our PacketAnalyst sensors.  Feel free to contact us with site ideas and feedback.


Accelerated Servers is a leading technology provider of high-performance network sensors, the Trellis (TM) network data analytics platform, and of high-performance computing and high-throughput storage systems.

In addition to our product and analytics services portfolio, we provide consulting services on sensor, computing, and storage designs, build the solutions, and implement these solutions with follow-up training and administrative support. Our combination of technical creativity with practical experience allows us to drive a project from conception through completion.

Network Sensing and Analytics Products and Services

Accelerated Servers sells the PacketAnalyst line of high-performance open-platform network sensors, which allow multiple collection, analytics, and forensics applications to run simultaneously over one or more full-duplex 10Gigabit connections at line rate. Accelerated also offers custom implementations of storage, cloud, and high performance computing clusters.

Our Trellis Network Data Analytics platform, launching this summer, is a hosted or on-prem NetFlow, performance, routing, and security reporting, alerting, and querying platform.


Accelerated Servers began in 1998 with a focus on providing state-of-the-art computing solutions leveraging the best technologies coming out of the free software revolution. We have been involved with the high-performance computing field since its inception, starting with some of the earliest Linux Beowulf projects and following the evolution through grid to cloud computing, servicing some of the largest dot-com era infrastructure deployments. Accelerated has applied these technologies to our products and services, and continues to provide focused design, implementation, and support drawing on our years of successful deployments in both production and research environments - often delivering a radical increase in capabilities over conventional solutions in the market.

Experienced Project Management

Information technology has become a critical driver of organizational value. In many cases, companies and agencies have become frustrated due to a gap in expectations between their expected investment and ultimate results. Accelerated works with our clients to help them achieve their full potential by both helping to create the solution and actually guiding the implementation. Our team members are with you through the entire process.


Accelerated is the partner of choice for organizations that need cutting-edge computing solutions. We seek out clients that want a genuine agency / client partnership to create solutions that meet both current and prospective needs. The best sign of the success of our designs has been the intense loyalty of our clients and their willingness to recommend us to their colleagues and partners. The reason for this is simple. The objective we strive for and achieve with every project we undertake is to enhance our clients' ability to provide the proper solutions to meet their mission requirements. Due to the private nature of many of our clients, applicable references are available only with the consent of the client. Our systems are deployed in a wide variety of disciplines spanning commercial, scientific, academic, and military communities. By request we will be happy to put you in contact with other people in your field who can tell you what our solutions are doing for them.