Cloud Computing

Cloud = HPC + Virtualization + Scale

Cloud Computing combines the multiple decades of technology growth in High Performance Computing with the advances in Virtualization to provide the best mapping of applications to large-scale infrastructure. Most 'buzzword' clouds are little more than virtualization to suppport common-denomintator shared hosting. By bringing the best of the HPC and scientific computing world to modern scalable native and virtualized compute and storage architectures, Accelerated has designed, implemented and run multiple 40 gigabit+ private Cloud infrastructures for network analytics, video delivery, content delivery, and data mining.

HPC Background

Cloud computing has as a critical ancestor a revolution in computing which was dubbed "Beowulf" by Donald Becker and Thomas Sterling at NASA in 1994. The concept is simple - scale computing by dividing work across a large number of inexpensive, non-proprietary machines. Before this, computing was scaled by putting more CPU's at higher speeds in one large monolithic machine, which had limited scalability and very high cost.

Cloud Solutions

Our take on this is "Cloud Computing" refers to the abstract notion of getting a large number of machines which may be somewhere off in cyberspace (ideally somewhere cold with cheap power that you don't ever have to visit) to do your work for you, as simply, efficiently, and scalably as possible. An expert provider of Cloud Computing solutions should be able to deploy best-in-class capabilities from a broad range of potential technology components to tackle your biggest computing challenges and give you the opportunity to scale up your capabilities quickly as your requirements dictate.