Large-Scale Storage

Accelerated Servers Storage Solutions

Accelerated Servers has shipped multi-Petabyte clustered storage solutions to support:

  • Large-scale flow aggregation and clustered analytics
  • Video encoding
  • Video distribution
  • Data mining and analytics
  • NAS for cloud object storage
  • High availability high-performance SAN to support compute and cloud infrastructures
  • How does Large-Scale Storage work?

    The Large-Scale Storage design is accomplished by using high density storage arrays, fast computing resources, and efficient network connections comined with advanced clustered filesystems.

    Large-Scale Storage machines are real and are in production today performing important analytical tasks involving massive data sets which were previously believed to be too large to manage. By leveraging the best technologies from the open source community and the best of existing COTS technologies, Vector Storage systems offer long-term investment protection by ensuring re-usability of software and hardware as the underlying technologies mature and evolve.