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Hardware Support

Hardware support is managed based on the different levels of Service Agreements for the diagnosis, maintenance and repair of defective hardware components. Hardware support may include repairing or replacing components or entire units as necessary to fix the problem.

Application Integration Support

While our sensor solutions provide an open platform for running any PCAP or DAQ-aware application, we can provide consulting, integration, and support for any network analytics application to optimize performance, logging, manage-ability, log analytics, and alerting. Examples of applications we are familiar with include Snort, Suricata, p0f, yaf, Argus, tcptrace; however, we are happy to work with any source-available application, and can also enhance manage-ability of many binary-only applications.

Administrator and User Support

For sites with a large user base, we can create dedicated technical advice services. This dedicated technical advice can include questions on system configurations, system access, programming issues, and other relevant topics. User support services can also be coordinated with our Training Support for large scale user or administrator education.

Application Optimization Services

Accelerated Servers can optimize your application to run more effectively for maximum performance. Programming activities include code porting, parallelization, and other optimization techniques. These programming services are especially important to get the most out of Sensors and Storage designs for specific applications.

Training Support

Accelerated Servers provides training support either on a company-specific custom basis or by access to existing standard class sessions. Session length is typically a full day, but can be extended depending on client needs.

Clustering Basics

This standard training program covers the hardware aspects of designing, building and maintaining a cluster. Basic administrator training of node management, group administration, queue management, and other essential monitoring activities is included.

Parallel Programming Basics

This standard training program covers the core aspects of parallel programming with a combination of both material and practical exercises.

Custom Training

More specific courses on particular aspects such as MPI or parallel file system management can also be tailored to your training needs.